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ZEUUS Data Centers will operate data centers world wide in the near future. Our focus is to achieve as close to Carbon neutrality in all our data centers with the offset of green energy unitizing advanced technology from our ZEUUS Energy division.

The world’s data center emissions were equivalent to that of global air travel in 2019

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Decarbonizing data centers

We will use the latest innovative ways to implement energy-efficient technologies and solutions for on-site power generation.


Move-in ready cabinets and cages for all your requirements, colocation solutions that adjust and scale as your needs change.

Private Suites

100% privacy and control in your dedicated data center. Choose from a selection of service providers, power configurations and connectivity options.


Properly protecting your valuable assets is fundamental to the success of your organization. Your equipment and data are protected with advanced security features from our ZEUUS Cyber Security division.

Customer Support

When using our data services, work with our experts to unlock the opportunities and get the most value out of the data center.

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